Riverston Manigala and Pitawala Pathana 01 Night

  • Per Person Rate : LKR 0

Be isolated in the best forest range in Sri Lanka with the lullaby of the birds. Come with us to a lost lagoon and enjoy a night with unforgettable memories…..

We will be starting our ride from colombo early in the morning and will be reaching the windy Riverstan Road from Matale in the morning hours. We will be stopping somewhere to have your own Breakfast and then will start our journey towards the woods…..


Our first stop will be Pitawala Pathana, which is a unique grassland found in the Knuckles Conservation Forest Range.Then you will be taking an easy nature trail of about 0.75 km towards the Mini World's End, which is a deep escarpment situated at Pitawala Pathana. It resembles a small version of the world famous World's End in Horton Plains. This place grants a panoramic view of the Knuckles Range and some of its valleys below.

After spending few hours there we will be reaching our second destination which is Bambarakiri Ella, a beautiful waterfall located on our way to Riverstan. It will take few minutes to reach the fall from the main road and the small village boutiques will help you to quench your thirst by a cup of ginger tea.

Our Next Destination also is a waterfall which is the famous Sera Ella. The uniqueness of this fall is that you could could go into a cave and then you will feel you are inside the waterfall. The water will fall down in front of your eyes and it will create a fascinating scenery which you have never experienced before. Your lunch will be served at the waterfall area and you can enjoy your lunch along with the beautiful scenery.

Then we will proceed to our night station which is again will be an unforgettable experience for all of you. Those who wish to enjoy the night sky with stars and morning sun rise, they can share the upper challet and those who need to rest inside the room, they can have it too. This would be a typical traditional mud house with no electricity, but we have provided a solar light for you. You can relax while enjoying the BBQ and burst the stories with each others and have a good sleep after a good dinner.

Next day after breakfast, we will be rushing to an abandoned village in the jungle. The village had around 150 families and had a school too but currently only one family left in the village. This village is known as “Redbana” Village. We will be taking a mall hike to the village home and then to the woods to hunt another waterfall. Pathana Ella which is a tall waterfall and you can have a bath there. Yes you need to face to some difficulties to get close to the fall but no sooner you see the beauty of the fall, you will forget all your obstacles faced.

When you return back from the fall, your lunch will be ready at the village home by Hamine Nenda. You can enjoy the lunch, relax a bit and walk back towards the civilization and then to return homes through the windy roads……….