Ella Night Stay

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Ella is a small town located in Badulla District in Sri Lanka which is surrounded by beautiful landscape. Even Though Ella is a small town, it’s rich with different types of attractions which cannot be seen anywhere in the world. Due to these, Ella currently has become a tourist Hotspot in Sri Lanka.



Attractions in Ella

Ravana Falls & Ravana Cave

The Ravana Ella or the Ravana falls is one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka and is one of the most popular attractions. It is connected to the Hindu epic, Ramayana, a historic tale that covers over India and Sri Lanka. The falls is said to have been named after the famous king Ravana. The story goes that King Ravana kidnapped Princess Sita from India and hide her in the caves behind the waterfall. It is also said the Sita bathed in a pool of water that was collected with the water that fell from the fall. The caves behind the fall are known as the Ravana Ella Caves.


Dova Temple

Located in the village of Dhowa on the Badulla – Bandarawela main road, the Dowa Rock Temple is famous for the beautiful paintings and sculptures that adorn its rock walls. Located at the bottom of a hill and close to a picturesque stream, it is one of the major attractions in the Badulla area. The distance from Colombo is about 210 km to the east and approximately 120 km to the south of Kandy.


Ella Rock

Ella is very popular for trekking and mountain climbing because of the rocky area surrounded. The comfortable climate and surrounded forestry environment offers these activities more interesting.

The mini jungles around the area provides ideal settings for hard adventure like rope adventure and rope climbing

For more strenuous exercise walk to the top of Ella Rock (1150m) for views across the Hill Country and with the town nestled in the hills below you. This walk is about 2 hours each way, and about half of it is along the railway line before cutting off into the hills. For a longer walk, rather than head straight back to the line from the hill -top, follow the track through the forest.


Ella Gap

Overlooks a spectacular gap in the southern mountain wall where the land falls away in a dizzy drop of 3000 ft (915m), to the southern plains and the sea, which is visible in the far distance on a clear day. "Heaven's Edge" is beautifully located overlooking the gap with the black towering Ella Rock on the side and a wooded ridge on the other. The road to Wellawaya through the Ella Gap is a spectacular one, winding the mountains in a series of sharp drops.


Little Adam’s Peak

Madulsima mountain range at the border of the Uva Province plunges to the eastern plains offering an enchanting panorama. 15 minutes from the hotel by surface. Travel 01Km Namunukula / Passara Road and turn at Sachini Flower Nursery and proceed on the gravel road up to Little Adam's Peak. A 45 minutes’ walk from Ella Town. It’s a beautiful hill with stones spread all over the top and you can witness the beautiful scenery there and to take photographs which shows as you are at the world’s End. This has become a famous location for photo shoots.


Nine Arches Bridge

This Bridge is situated one Kilometer away on the Gotuwala road near the Sutherland bungalow on the left to two Kilometers away from Ella town along Passara road. This bridge belongs to the Madhuragama Grama Seva Division between Ella and Demodara Railway Stations. This name is used since the bridge contains of 09 arches. It is also known as "Ahas Nawaya Palama" (9 Skies Bridge) This Bridge is 300 feet (91.44m) long and 25ft (7.62m) wide. This bridge connects with two high lands and has been made of large cubic stones. The height is 80 ft (24.38m). The bridge has constructed with using an amazing engineering technology.