Dolphins Watching Kalpitiya

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Kalpitiya is a small town located in Puttalam District, North Western Province in Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya consists 14 beautiful islands and a famous Bar Reef is located in this area. The people of Kalpitiya are mostly fisherman. 

Among the foreigners, Kalpitiya is famous as the best destination to spot Dolphins. Dolphins are commonly been spotted in Kalpitiya sea as large herd. Now the Dolphin Watching tours in Kalpitiya area has been famouse and income generating source in the area. There are several beautiful hotels and rest house to stay over night at Kalpitiya and from there you could arranged the boats to do a sea tour to visit this friendly mammals. Usually boats are leaving from 6 am to do dolphin watching and up to 6 pax could be accommodate per boat. When you travel towards the deep sea, you can witness the large herds of Dolphins covering and passing by your boat. 

Sometimes they love to show off their colours to human by jumping and rolling out from the water. It's such a beautiful sight to capture through a Camera. 

Dolphins Spotted In Kalpitiya

  • Spinner Dolphin
  • Bottle nosed Dolphin
  • Risso Dolphin
  • Humpback Dolphins

Kalpitiya also famous for Kite Surfing during the season. The wind and the sea is very supportive for the activity and most young blood could be seeing enjoying surfing during the day time. Also snorkeling in the Bar Reef area is another activity you can enjoy while staying at Kalpitiya.