Bambarakanda Hike

  • Per Person Rate : LKR 0

Bambarakanda Fall is the Tallest Waterfall in Si Lanka with a height of 263m.It ranked as the 299th highest waterfalls in the world. Bambarakanda Falls Located in Kalupahana area in the Badulla District and is about 5Km away from the A4 highway. The waterfall formed by Kuda Oya which is a branch of a Walawe River. The most top point  of the falls can be founded in a forest of Pine Trees.

Walking towards the Bambarakanda falls and climb down parallel to the fall is bit risky but very adventurous activity which could enjoy by the hikers who love hiking. There are around 20Km walk from the start to end through the beautiful bushes and landscapes. Thus it’s a tired journey, the sceneries and the beauty of the nature will help to heel all your sorrows.