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Mandaram Nuwara

Lanka Sawari Mandaramnuwara Accommodation is loctated in Thennekumbura - Ragala Road surrounded by hills. Walking distance to Kolapathana Falls, Kodi Gahana Kanda and Tea Factory. Mandaramnuwara View Point, three other waterfalls and Gala Uda Temple (Temple on the Rock) is located few Kilometers away from the accomodation. Tuk tuks and guides could be provided on request.

LankaSawari Mandaramnuwara Accommodation;


  • Could accommodate up to 27 pax
  • Shared Bathrooms with Hot Water
  • Meals at the location
  • BBQ Facility
  • Guide from Village
  • Transportation by Three Wheelers

What to see;


  • Kola Pathana Ella Waterfall
  • Kodi Gahana Kanda
  • Mandaramnuwara View Point
  • Gala Uda Pansala (Temple on the rock)
  • Ran Kotiyabokka

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Lanka Sawari Wilpattu Accommodation located in the border of Wilpattu and in a middle of a vegetable cultivation. A vast area of land consist of different types of vegetable in time to time. Eco Friendly accommodation is made as one Dome with 8 beds, one room in the dome are and a separate chalet with two double beds with separate bathrooms. You have the option of ordering meals or cook by yourself as the cooking facility is available on site.

LankaSawari Wilpattu Accommodation;

  •  03 Rooms + Dome with Beds
  • Shared Bathrooms
  • Cooking Facility on Site
  • Meals and BBQ
  • Safari Jeeps


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Knuckles Illukkumbura

Lanka Sawari Riverston Accommodation is a fully environmental friendly eco resort where you don't have electricity or phone signals. The water is from a natural fountain from the woods. Washrooms are located separately and on shared basis. You can enjoy the real jungle life and sleep on the attic where you could enjoy the sun kissing your face in the morning. We have been provided mattresses instead of beds to make your stay a more realistic one.

LankaSawari Riverston Accommodation;

  • Could accommodate up to 15 pax
  • Basic sleeping pattern in a chalet and on the attic.
  • Solar Lighting and Petrol Max light only
  • Less facilities and mobile signals
  • Kitchen and cook in-house
  • Meals could be arranged on request
  • Guide from the village

What to see

  • Waterfalls - Bambarakiri Ella / Sera Ella / Pathana Ella
  • Pitawala Pathana
  • Manigala Hike
  • Abandoned Village in the Jungle


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Knuckles Pathane gama

Lanka Sawari Pathanegama Accommodation is a Typical Village house located in an abandon village in Riverston. This was an active village 20 years ago and today only this house left for the whole village. The owners are being the caretakers of the property and is always looking forward to serve you with best village meals. Secret Pathane Ella Waterfall located 02km away from this house and this area would be ideal for jungle tracking.

LankaSawari Pathane Gama Accommodation;

  • Basic sleeping pattern in a a village house
  • Solar Lighting and Petrol Max light only
  • Less facilities and mobile signals
  • Village house owner and his wife is ready to cook for you
  • Typical Village experience.


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Lanka Sawari Kataragama accommodation is located at the heart of Kataragama town which provides access to both Kataragama Maha Devalaya (Temple) and Yala National Park. The location has easy access to all the pilgrimages sites and facilitate with good air conditioned and non air conditioned rooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms and hall. You are free to cook your own meals here or you could get arranged after discussing with the service team. 

Safari jeeps to Yala and guides could be arranged on request. 

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Aluthgama Bentota

Lanka Sawari Aluthgama / Bentota Accommodation provides a much of luxury comfort compared to other accommodations. The area is famous for water activities like Jet ski, banana Boat, Sofa Ride, Fishing, River Safaris. 

Lanka Sawari Aluthgama/ Bentota Accommodation; 

  • Consists 8 Non A/C rooms
  • 02 A/C Rooms
  • Free Boat Service to Beach
  • Wifi
  • Dinning Facilities
  • BBQ Facilities

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Sir Lanka is a beautiful country filled with unforgettable accommodations and rich in vegetation. The beauty of the country could not be compared with any other country since the uniqueness of different places will touch your heart in different ways and with different experiences. Yes… It's a very small country but let us show you the beauty of the country through our tours which we have designed to cover the most beautiful areas of Sri Lanka. Let us take you to through the heaven!

Sri Lanka has 09 Provinces. Which are different to each other. Some areas are very hot and some areas are very cold. The vegetation are different in each area. Sri Lanka has World's Best Beaches and the coastal area activities are more popular among both Sri Lankans and Foreigners. The beach areas are famous for sun bathing, Surfing, Snorkeling and Diving. Different areas are specialized in different activities.

Sri Lanka has the 08th World Wonder which is known as sigiriya; which was the fortress of king Kashyapa. The country has a rich Buddhist heritage, and the first known Buddhist writings were composed on the island. The remains of the Buddhist monuments are still available in different areas of the country.

The present Sri Lanka is a republic and a unitary state governed by a presidential system. The capital, Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte is a suburb of the largest city, Colombo. An important producer of Tea, coffee, gemstone, coconut, rubber and the native cinnamon.

Sri Lanka is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean because of it's natural beauty, its shape and its accommodation. The island contains the tropical forests and diverse landscapes with high bio diversity. The rare birds and endemic plants are available in certain areas and we are proud owners of the best rainforest in the Asia with so many species.

Sri Lanka is a home to 26 endemic birds and 50 snakes and few others are yet to finalize. 16 Mammals are endemic to Sri Lanka while 91 terrestrial mammals are being recorded.

There are about 127 endemic plants in Sri Lanka and most of them could be found at Singharaja Rain Forest which provides the shelter for large percentage of endemic species in Sri Lanka.

Even though this beautiful country is small in size, there are lot more things to be witness and experience which we believe you should collect them to your memory book. So come with us to see the beauty of this little heaven.